About Care.Chain

Care.Chain is a permissionless and decentralized Layer-2 blockchain that provides a complete infrastructure to solve the problems faced by healthcare. Care.Chain is more than just a regular Layer 2 blockchain in our stack, it’s a sidechain (L2) layer for publishing and consuming Care.Cards and Care.Events. Care.Chain enables the execution of Care.Events natively in its runtime. It combines the power of an EVM (Event Virtual Machine) chain and verified credentials-based event stream processing using its Care.Event Virtual Machine.

Care.Chain extends the native blockchain use case by introducing ZK (Zero-Knowledge) verifiable event runtime. Care.Chain is oriented towards the healthcare domain and provides out-of-the-box support for Wallet-based apps to communicate peer-to-peer and process any business event.

  • Care.Event Virtual Machine

  • Inbuilt support for Care.ID

  • Care.Card Virtual Machine

  • Verifiable Credentials for Off-chain event orchestration

  • New Tokenomics model for data moment – aka Event Streams

  • Enable Peer-to-peer communication between Wallets

  • Distributed and non-federated Krypto key management for real-time Peer-to-peer communication between Wallets

  • Infrastructure and trust layer for publishing and consuming Care.Cards and Care.Events

  • Trust layer for Care.Card sharing between Care.Wallets

  • Inbuilt Care.Event Virtual Machine on the Care.Chain Nodes

  • Inbuilt Event stream monetization with transactions based on SOLVE

  • Supports Care.Protocol 2.0 (Evolution of Care.Protocol to be infrastructure + application protocol)

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