Care.Chain Validator Incentive Program


Care.Chain is a layer 2 chain for healthcare and enterprises. Care.Chain has introduced to the market a new method of events validation: proof-of-competence.

Care.Chain has validators around the world securing the chain. Validators provide computation power to Care.Chain via running nodes and validating events. Each validator is responsible for storing data, processing transactions, and adding new blocks to the Care.Chain. This will keep Care.Chain secure for everyone and help its node validators to earn SOLVE in the process.

What is Proof-of-competence?

Care.Chain is a Good Actor Chain where all validators are trustworthy, and understand healthcare data security and compliance. Care.Chain validators are typically physicians, labs, pharmacies, healthcare institutions, medical education organizations etc. and go through a competency verification process.

Proof-of-competence method of validation brings compliance to blockchain in a way that meets the requirements of the healthcare industry and allows enterprises to adopt blockchain in the real world. Each validator node is continuously monitored by competent reviewers.

Want to become a Validator?

Care.Chain Validator Program aims to attract, and reward authorized, competent validators to host nodes and validate care events and process transactions on the Care.Chain. The program incorporates both validator requirements and rewards, with a reputation system to further incentivize high-performing validators.

Validator Requirements – Proof of Competence:

  1. License to serve patients (e.g., Lab, Pharmacy, Diagnostic centre, Dialysis centre, Clinic, Hospital, etc.).

  2. Secure handling of patient data.

  3. Operating within an approved country (excluding all sanctioned countries).

Validator Obligations:

  1. Stable Wi-Fi connection with a minimum speed of 100 Mbps.

  2. Stable power source with 99% uptime.

  3. Secure facility for safely housing the node (applicable to physical nodes).

Validator Node Configurations

  1. Mac mini Node - Care.Chain nodes are tested and approved for Mac mini running MacOS 11.x or higher, with 16GB memory and 500GB of SSD. There are no minimum CPU requirements, so any model of Mac mini 9,1 or higher will work.

  1. Virtual Node – Care.Chain nodes are tested and approved for the cloud and can be deployed on any number of cloud providers such as Vultr ( and Linode (

We will be running regular onboarding sessions to assist validators in getting everything up and running.

Validator Rewards and Reputation:

  1. Earn gas fees for each event mined and transaction validated, distributed from a gas fee pool.

  2. Earn reputation for high level of performance and security, availability of the node.

  3. Higher reputation validators will get priority access to events, expansion opportunities and additional rewards

  4. Reputation is earned based on the following criteria:

    1. Uptime.

    2. Speed.

    3. Hard node

    4. Security

  5. Reputation is calculated and updated weekly to attract and reward competent validators while promoting transparency, high performance, and a secure network for all participants.

Gas fees distribution:

  1. 70% to Validators.

  2. 20% retained by Solve.Care (goes to Solve.Care Treasury)

  3. 10% burned automatically, reducing the supply of SOLVE tokens.


  1. This program is subject to change without notice.

  2. Bad actors will be summarily removed from the program and may be permanently banned

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